Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: The Sideshow | 1.2.09

The Sideshow | 1.2.09

Babes: Marisa Cruz is a WAG for 2009
Babes: Tailor James is the International Babe of the Day
Video: Skater Gets Some Tarmac Burns
Babes: Sexy Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew

Stuff: Four day work week or unemployment... choose one
Babes: Chargers Girls Looked Good on Sunday Night
Sports: HHR Founder Contacts Jets Owner About Coaching Vacancy
Babes: Elle MacPherson Keeps Getting Hotter

Babes: Katy Perry finally goes with the slutty look
Sports: The Mike Martz Resignation Letter
Sports: The top 50 college baseball players in the country
Sports: Cincinnati Bearcats can't party with Diddy

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