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Bad economy is affecting WAGs

Oh no! Say it isn't so? WAGs are suffering people!

(Alex Curran) The wife of Liverpool and England footballer Steven Gerrard, rarely pictured without several designer shopping bags from her beloved Cricket boutique, said she had become more frugal.

"I think people - especially Wags - are becoming more conscious of spending now," she said.

The 26-year-old blonde now visits the hairdresser only twice a week, and has resorted to filing her own nails. "I'm not that bothered about pampering. I do my nails myself. The nail varnish I'm wearing was only £2 from a bargain bin!" she said, insisting that she was not high maintenance.

She also prefers nights in at the couple's multi-million pound Merseyside home to expensive nights out. "I used to be such a party girl but now I know that if I have a big night out I'll sleep late the next day and will probably eat junk food. I've turned down a few nights out already."
This will not do. Obama, get to work with those other world leaders, stat! We need our WAGs to be out and about, shopping, going to parties, whatever the hell else they do... If they're not out, we don't get to look at them. Damn this economy!

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