Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: Because Congress has nothing else going on these days

Because Congress has nothing else going on these days

Is it possible to remove someone from office for bad timing and stupidity?

H/T: Shutdown Corner

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Anonymous said...

They must figure that since they came to an agreement about the stimulus package that their work is done. Hopefully they don't forget their efforts to work with each other and listen to opposing viewpoints during those discussions. If they can remember how to do that, I think Congress could actually accomplish a lot during this session.

I saw that the Friends of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is asking people to give their opinion on the most important thing for Congress to do next. Then they are going to focus their efforts on getting Congress to accomplish what we actually want them to do.

What do you think Congress should do? As the video shows, they obviously need some help in staying busy. Make sure to add your opinion so Congress can know what we want them to do next - http://www.friendsoftheuschamber.com/email/email4.cfm?id=200

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