Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: Michael Phelps is a genius; hiding out at strip clubs

Michael Phelps is a genius; hiding out at strip clubs

Let's just say you are the most well-known of all current Olympic athletes and let's say you just got busted for doing a little marijuana. How would you go about maintaining your privacy? Tint the windows of your home? Okay. I can see that. But where could you go in public that no one is sure to take notice of you? How about strip clubs? Perfect!

A spy tells us the human dolphin recently had the windows of his Baltimore house tinted to prevent paparazzi from snapping shots of him at home. According to our source, Phelps has also been "hiding out at strip clubs," since they're the only places he can party with no pictures being taken.
At least he won't have to apologize to the Chinese for doing that. They love the strippers...

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SunflowerPipes said...

So Michael Phelps is a guy who drinks at parties smokes a little gambles on high stakes games of beer pong and is the all time greatest Olympic medal winner he sounds like a pretty cool guy to me. Michael Phelps is an American hero he did a tremendous amount of work to achieve what he did. After the pride the country felt with the each gold medal Phelps won in China, how can Americans now fault the man for smoking a glass pipe at a college party. Michael Phelps is a real hero a normal person who has persevered and defied odds to accomplish something amazing not an icon of social moral servitude.


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