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Never shop at Wal-Mart again

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Wal-Mart has deemed the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue not suitable for it's shelves full of crap, and not for the reason you might think.

Unless things change dramatically, copies of the popular issue won't go on sale in more than 3,000 Wal-Mart stores as a result of an ongoing battle between magazine publishers and wholesalers.

The Wal-Mart stores, along with grocery-store chains Kroger and Safeway, are getting caught in the crossfire over two wholesalers' demand that publishers pay a 7-cent per copy surcharge for delivery of their magazines to retailers.

"It's a nightmare, an absolute nightmare," said one industry executive.
Seven cents a copy!! OMG! Okay, time to take a step back Mr. 'one industry executive'. No offense, but who the hell buys their swimsuit issue at Wal-Mart anyway. Guns? Yes. Swimsuit issue? Eh...
The stalemate effectively locks out People, the National Enquirer, Star, In Touch and Life & Style from thousands of stores that were expecting to make issues available for sale today.
NOW IT'S A NIGHTMARE! I need my Star magazine!

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2 comment(s):

MoonDog said...

I know $0.07 doesn't sound like much but truth of the matter is the wholesalers don't sell the magazines at a cost that allows the retailer to make any money. If the retailer makes $0.15 cents a copy they're lucky.

DCScrap said...

That will be enough with the 'voice of reason' comments on here, Moondog.

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