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Reggie Bush is totally into fashion

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Ah, the things we men do for getting some love. Just look at the look on his face... priceless. So, how bad do you suppose Reggie Bush would rather be anywhere but with Kim Kardashian at something called the Tracy Reese Fashion Show? I guess maybe this is just the tradeoff for her having to go to the Super Bowl (like she didn't love the attention she got there).


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The Prophet said...

Jesus! I'd go to the NCAA Division 2 men's gymnastics finals and acted like I enjoyed it if that broad were with me.

Seriously, it's a win/win for Bush--he's obviously making his hottie happy and what most dudes might not realize about fashion show type events is that they are just teeming with hot, scantily clad women--usually liquored up--with a very low ratio of straight dudes competing for their attention. The odds are so good that even a EC reader stands a decent chance of pulling tail...

And if you're young rich and famous dude like Reggie B the possibilities are endless....does "waking up between two naked models" sound like something you'd be interested in?

DCScrap said...

Yeah, but by the look on his face she has his dick in a jar somewhere under lock and key.

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