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Stop hypnotizing our players!

Who would have thought that taking a bunch of high school basketball players and hypnotizing them would cause people like, oh, say, parents to be upset?

After the St. John High School (KS) boys team had won the state basketball championship two years ago and was runner-up last year, the team went just 7-6 through last week.

So the coach tried something different: hypnotism.

Most team members underwent two 45-minute sessions last week to increase their concentration and focus. It's not clear what happened during the sessions; the therapist who led them wouldn't say, and the coach did not return phone calls.
I cannot imagine why no phone calls were returned...
[Superintendent James] Kenworthy said the hypnotism of the Class 1A team has been the talk of the town.
Amazingly only one kid on the team did not participate...
"We just asked our son not to participate and we didn't sign the paper," said Merlin Spare, a St. John school board member and parent. He is also track and cross country coach in nearby Stafford.

"I am a coach myself and I try to teach kids to be visionary and believe in what they are doing," Spare said. "I think a person who is solid on their feet doesn't have to do this. I think it is something a person could rely on and become hooked to."
Yes, first it's just hypnotism, then the next thing you know the kid is doing magic tricks between lounge acts in Vegas.

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