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We have the technology; know who dunks the hardest

Ever wondered which player dunked the hardest? Yeah, me neither. But now that there is an invention that was made to determine that very thing I want to know!

Civil engineering professor Scott Schiff and his students have created a system that not only measures the intensity of the dunks, but also displays that information almost immediately to fans.

"Ray Sykes had a nasty dunk at the East Carolina University game," said Jonathan Cox, one of the students working on the project. "It peaked at a little over 30 g's, one of the highest recorded so far. That's awesome when you consider an earthquake's ground motion produces accelerations around point five and one g."
Man, I bet Shaq back in the day was creating tremors the size of Hiroshima. This thing needs to be on all rims in the NBA pronto.

Video demonstration here.

H/T: Engadget

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