Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: Will Smith drops some Boom Goes the Dynamite on us

Will Smith drops some Boom Goes the Dynamite on us

I can't decide whether Will Smith is cool for knowing "Boom Goes the Dynamite" or whether he totally flubbed his line on purpose just to slip that reference into his speech to make us think he is cool. Don't think he wouldn't do such a thing, either. The guy (or whoever is running his career) is a marketing genius. Either way, 'Boom' just won't go away...

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Murray said...

I've decided I really don't like Will Smith! I was just writing a music review about the first song that came up when I pressed play and frankly Party Starter isn't for me! Still I guess he does have some other good stuff - I won't knock him too much!

Joey said...

Yes! I loved this moment, so funny. It was even better when I saw this article about it too, it was awkward!

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