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Anyone remember Gia Allemand?

Anyone remember back in 2007 all the hubub surrounding Carl Pavano's hot piece of ass girlfriend Gia Allemand? How back when Carl was warrioring through one of his many injuries like a sore buttocks and a car accident, Gia, the bikini model, was giving him hell and describing their relationship as being "as bad as Carl's pitching"? Her? No? Oh well, if you do remember then this will enlighten you, if not, it's a pic of a couple of hot babes in bikinis... Either way it's nice...

on 205th Images

Gia won the Short Class in Bikini at the Arnold Amateur NPC Bikini Championship (and yes that is former UFC Ring Girl Ali Sonoma next to her who won the Tall Bikini Class). So unlike Carl who's career has gone pretty much nowhere since the two of them broke up, Gia's career is skyrocketing!!

2 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

gia's looking a little flabby to me =(

Anonymous said...

gia looks amazing so cute. a little pale though why arent you tan little gggg

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