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You know you love her, it's Lauren!!

If you spent any time this past weekend watching the NCAA tournament you more than likely at one point or another thought, "Hmmm... That redheaded Lauren babe in this PC commercial is kinda hawt." Well, at least that's what I thought... Luckily, the folks at Gizmodo also thought so and went about finding her.

on 205th Images

According to her official website, "Lauren" (who is really Lauren De Long) "booked what she thought was a "Market and Research" job regarding laptops. But that's not all she booked...actually Lauren found out they were shooting a national commercial! Tears, laughter and excitement greeted this new development."

Reading through De Long's resume, you find that her "special skills" include Cheerleading, Ear Prompter, Hula Hoop, and Stage Combat.
Nice combo platter there. Okay boys, commence your cyberstalking...

And in case you haven't seen the ad, here it is (although it's much, much better in HD on a big screen)...

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