Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: Holy crap! SuperWAG Danielle Lloyd got beat up!

Holy crap! SuperWAG Danielle Lloyd got beat up!

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What. The. F-ck. One of my favorite WAGs in the world (and soccer players' #1 WAG as well) Danielle Lloyd got a royal beatdown at the hands of two women at a night club reported djmick.

It's being reported that she was thrown on to a glass table full of drinks, resulting in her being left in a bloody state with several injuries.

A spokesman for Miss Lloyd, said she was having emergency surgery to a serious injury to her leg.

"Danielle sustained a serious wound to her back which required stitches upon arrival at hospital," the spokesman said. "The injury to her leg is more serious."

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What is the world coming to when a woman who like to bonk soccer players can't go to the club anymore without some chicks beating the crap out of her? The world makes no sense to me anymore.

UPDATE: She has left the hospital, but I don't think we'll be seeing her in any lad mags anytime soon. (Thanks to awesome reader Chris for sending us more details.)

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