Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: OH MAN! Adriana Lima, pregnant??!

OH MAN! Adriana Lima, pregnant??!

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Say it ain't so... Word on the street is that Marko Jaric knocked up Adriana Lima. As if it isn't bad enough that a guy like that gets to have sex with Adriana Lima, now he knocks her up? Let's just hope it's a false rumor... please... The New York Daily News says she's already three months into her pregnancy, but hey, they've been wrong before, right? Right? Let's see, they eloped on February 14th, today is May 27th... that's what, a little over three months...? DAMN!! Whatever happened to that sexual assault charge against Jaric anyway? Maybe we need to revisit that people!!


We may never see it looking that good again...

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