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Bonnie Bernstein is an actress now?

When did Bonnie Bernstein go into acting? Probably right around the time Erin Andrews starting kicking her butt for the title of sexiest broadcaster. Anyway, last night Bonnie apparently guest starred on an episode of IFC's Z Rock. Check out this clip where Bonnie defends one of the stars of the show after a hockey player checks him off the ice...

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Anonymous said...

If you would check out BonnieBernstein.com, she states on her diary page that she only did that one episode as a favor to the producer of Jim Rome Is Burning, whose brother directed the episode. So, no, she is not turning to acting and away from sportscasting.

BTW, I'm beyond sick of that overrated, overexposed Erin Andrews!!!! Somebody tell her that her 15 minutes have long been up!!!! She's ruining my enjoyment of the College World Series.

Also, if anybody out there still thinks Erin Andrews is the hottest thing going after seeing Bonnie Bernstein on that show last night, then they have very poor taste in women.

DCScrap said...

Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware of that since bonniebernstein.com isn't on my list of daily web sites that I visit. Good stuff.

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