Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: 12 of the 'best' car parking Fails caught on camera

12 of the 'best' car parking Fails caught on camera

Finding the 12 best videos of idiots parking their cars was not easy. There must be 10,000 of these types of videos online. (Which comes as absolutely zero surprise to me.) And for some reason a lot of the videos I ran across involved female drivers. In fact, many of them were just titled "Yes, its a Woman!" Go figure... WARNING: You may want to scream at a few of these people. They can't hear you. Keep that in mind.

Helps if you actually get through the gate first...

Leaving's not easy either...

It's not easy I said!


If it doesn't fit, MAKE it fit...

Should never be behind the wheel again... ever.

Uh, where'd my car go?

At least policemen know how to park, right?

Umm... I guess this is a good space?

Parking in a Jiffy Lube is easy right?

Seriously... WTF?

Truly the worst car parker ever

Just for the record, THIS is how you do it...

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