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In Memoriam: The Arena Football League

With word coming down that the Arena Football League is closing it's doors indefinitely I though we'd take a few moments, watch nine special tribute videos, and fondly recall the best players of recent seasons along with some classic moments from the once exciting and, for now, defunct indoor football league.

Classic Moments - 1991 (nice unis)

More Classic Moments from '91

Big Wall Hits

The Best Hail Mary Passes

Great Plays and Great Bloopers

The 2008 All-Ironman Team

The Top Plays of 2008

The Best Hits of 2008

And finally, the final All-Arena Team (2008)

I guess this makes the CFL the third best professional football league in North America again (NCAA football is #2 natch.) So long, AFL... we hardly knew ye.

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