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10 of the best returns for touchdown of all-time

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So I was watching the Browns lose to Brett Favre yesterday (ugh) and for me the highlight of the game was Josh Cribbs taking a punt to the house. Anytime a player takes a kick, punt, field goal, or interception to paydirt it is usually one of the most exciting plays of the game. Sometimes it's THE most exciting play of the game. And sometimes the return is remembered forever. Here's 10 that qualify for that honor...

Desmond Howard: Michigan vs. Ohio State

Devin Hester: Bears vs. Giants

Dominique Dorsey: Argonauts vs. Alouettes (128 yards)

Kevin Cobb: Memphis vs. Tennessee

Antonio Cromartie: Chargers vs. Vikings (109 yards)

Joshua Cribbs: Browns vs. Steelers (100 yards)

Nathan Vasher: Bears vs. 49ers (108 yards)

Ed Reed: Ravens vs. Eagles (108 yards)

Devin Hester: Miami (FL) vs. Duke

And, of course, The Play: Cal vs. Stanford

Got one you think should be on this list? Drop a link in the comments, we'd love to see it!!

4 comment(s):

STLmeCL said...

No Dante Hall vs Denver?

DCScrap said...

Do you have a link to the video?

Anonymous said...

Music City Miracle?

Anonymous said...

Johnny Rogers : Nebraska v Oklahoma

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