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10 of the best NFL top 10 lists of all-time

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As many of you know, the NFL Network has put together several top 10 lists utilizing some excellent video. I really haven't seen anyone do it better (they are the NFL after all!). And since I also like to do top 10 lists, and just did one on the NFL the other day, I got to thinking, "What are the top 10 top 10 lists that the NFL Network has ever put together?" So I checked them out, even looked at a bunch of non-NFL Network lists, and determined that these are 10 of the best top 10 NFL lists of all-time. I hope you enjoy watching these as much as I had searching for and discovering them...

Top 10 rivalries of all-time

Top 10 fastest players of all-time

Top 10 unluckiest plays of all-time

Top 10 Cinderella stories of all-time

Top 10 player-team rifts of all-time

Top 10 rookie seasons of all-time

Top 10 most elusive QB's of all-time

Top 10 scariest players of all-time

Top 10 comebacks of all-time

Top 10 Super Bowl performances of all-time

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