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So awesome: NFL Cheerleader Trading Cards

Just when you think the NFL couldn't get any more awesome comes news that this year when you go to buy a pack of Topps NFL trading cards (for your kid, natch) you have a pretty good shot at getting an NFL cheerleader in the pack. Sweet...

There are 15 cheerleader cards total. Each pack of 50 football cards includes one cheerleader card. In other words, you'd have to buy a lot of cards to get the complete set of cheerleaders. However, several sellers on amazon and eBay are selling just the cheerleader cards on their own. If you're looking to collect the full set of cheerleader cards, or if you were a cheerleader on one of those teams last year and want to buy your own card, make sure you check those two sites.

Man, why wasn't this around when I was a kid? (Because, of course, I would never collect these now... as an adult... really.)


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