Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: Is Tony Romo engaged to Candice Crawford?

Is Tony Romo engaged to Candice Crawford?

If you think that the ring on her engagement ring finger looks like and engagement ring then one would have to guess that Tony Romo popped the question to Miss Candice Crawford. I, for one, consider this a major step up for T-Romo in the babe department, though the fact that she also feels the need to wear Cowboys gear should be a major red flag to him once again.


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Anonymous said...

She works for the COWBOYS & it's not pink so it shouldn't be a problem.lol

Only dating for 5 months is a pretty quick step for engagment but then there are those rumours out there TONY & Candice were getting it on when Tony was still with Jessica.

Cheap looking ring but today is Candice's Birthday so maybe the real rock comes today.

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