Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: The best videos of sports fans losing it and crying

The best videos of sports fans losing it and crying

Seeing Deanna Favre's reaction to Brett's fantastic decision to make that final pass on Sunday got me to wondering about other fans' reactions to their heroes coming up short in their quest for victory. Now Deanna had every right to be upset like that since, you know, she's married to the guy, but did these people really need to get this mental? You make the call...

Wrestling fan cries over, well, wrestlers...

San Jose Sharks fan cries over their elimination

Mets fan crying after the '08 collapse is completed

Giants fan cries over loss to the Eagles

Clemson fan cries over Tommy Bowden being fired

Clemson fans... again?

I think this girl pretty much speaks for all of them...

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