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I so hate the Kardashians

If yesterday's post wasn't enough to make you despise the Kardashian family this one will. Reports my man over at Shutdown Corner...

According to TMZ, Kardashian -- the girlfriend of New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush -- will be chauffered around Miami next week in a tank/limo hybrid featuring bulletproof windows and composite ballastic panels. Why she would need more protection than Indianapolis Colts star Peyton Manning, Saints quarterback Drew Brees or her boyfriend -- all of whom will be taken to the Super Bowl in a regular ol' charter bus with police escorts -- is anybody's guess.
I have the answer to that. Because she is a f---ing idiot. That's why. This monstrosity has functional gun ports, two bars, seven televisions and various emergency escapes hatches. Sheesh... I give up. You win, Kim. Your stupidity has conquered my will to fight it.

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