Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: BYNHO* #116 - Maria De La Fuente

BYNHO* #116 - Maria De La Fuente

Meet Maria De La Fuente, Mexican model. (*Babe You Never Heard Of)


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vip card said...

Impressive name, impressive tetas, but barely shown. She’s the wife of a hotel’s ageing owner, and an insurance agent staying there has his eyes on her legs (or what’s between them), and wants her to get them insured. She’s cock-thirsty, and he’s eager for a lay – and things happen. They end up murdering the old man, and someone notices it. Police are now on their trail, She thinks it’s the concierge who’s blackmailing them and decides to find out by inviting him for a screw. Her step daughter who also fancies the insurance agent, happens to be the silent witness.

Jack Do said...

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